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Two really great #englishsparklingwine that I got to know a little better yesterday at my birthday lunch at @the_pig_hotels #pig-on-the-beach. These English Sparkling wines are from @ermosug @sugruesouthdowns – Dermot Sugrue and wife Ana who make the wines in The South Downs (a range of chalky hills in the south eastern, coastal part of England), Dermot had previously worked for @nytimbrr and @wistonestate before going on to set up his own place. This Sugrue #thetroublewithdreams is (A blend of 55% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot Noir and 5% Pinot Meunier, partially fermented in old barriques. 8g/l Dosage) has a beautiful name, beautiful presentation and most of all it is a beautiful wine. Sugrue The Trouble With Dreams – deliciously balanced and poised between lovely touches of honey, cream, apple and chalk, with a vibrancy and tension that I love in wine . The Rosé Ex Machina sparkling #rosé was something special – seductively deep in aromas – the ripest of wild strawberry coulis and again a vibrant and lively palate ending in chalky savouriness. Wow! I need to taste these again in a different place and maybe visit the winery soon too. English sparkling wine at its best! #englishwine #sparklingwine #sparkling – Thanks to @connarwines @the_pig_hotels for his patience and honest responses.

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