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Brilliant visit to Brigaldara. Brigaldara were the among the very first to plant at elevations of 500 metres about 20 minutes drive from Verona way back in 1985 and to have the early vision and foresight to think about the effects of climate change 30-40 years later. Now they are focusing on making Valpolicella Superiore, a flagship wine for them as well as their Amarone. Their style is completely dry and the wines are gentle, elegant and with supreme drinkability. I was very impressed with what they are doing and the direction they are going. Case Vecie is dialect for old house and is the name of this prestigious high altitude vineyard and also the name of the wine and the name of their new Locanda Case Vecie newly opened in July 2023. Locanda Case Vecie has two self catering apartments in the middle of the woods and there is also a restaurant serving lunch and occasionally dinner. Thank you Antonio Cesari for such a great welcome and tasting! #valpolicella #amarone #corvina #corvinone #rondinella #valpolicellasuperiore #valpolicellaripasso #verona #soave #sparkling #italy

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