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Marchesi Alfieri

Such incredible wines by Marchesi Alfieri – the quality really surprised me and I was surprised at how wonderful Barbera can be if it comes from a favoured place, is made by someone passionate about the grape and it is allowed to age. Mario Olivero is the genie behind the bottle – CEO and chief winemaker at Marchesi Alfieri. Having tasted probably 1000s of Barbera over the years at last I begin to get the Piemontese’s deep love of Barbera – some truly wonderful wines here – highlights were the 1998 – this is the first wine when Mario arrived but it was after the harvest so he was only able to influence the blend and the maturation. This was a superb example of a mature wine – in a blind tasting it could be mistaken for a mature Bordeaux, other more recent vinous delights were the 2015, 2019 and 2020 – the wines are showing more and more finesse in recent vintages. The epitome of this tasting was the special Carlo Alfieri wines which have only been made twice so far (2015 & 2017 but probably this wine will be made in 2020) the grapes come from a different plot each year it is made depending on the vintage but it is always a plot with very special qualities and a touch of magic. The 2017 is not yet released but it is looking phenomenal. What a thrilling tasting! Thank you #MarioOlivero @marchesialfieri and @chiapascpa for organising it.

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